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Franklin High School
Offers contacts information, academics, activities, and links.

The Ultimate Standard of Value
Böhm-Bawerk, as with all Austrian economists, believed that all value originated
in the marginal utility of the consumer and not in any value intrinsic in the ...

Yelloh girls by Kiana Garcia
Advocates creative self-expression as a form of empowerment among women and girls
who are of Asian descent. Includes forum and information about their book.

Tax Protester FAQ
Documents court cases that refute arguments used by persons advocating the
non-payment of federal income tax. Provides evidence that directly contradicts all ...

La Viuda Loca - Ulirang Ina Mo!
A collection of rants and commentary on world events. From the Philippines.

Abklex: Lexikon der Abkuerzungen aus Informatik und Telekommunikation von Wulf
Alex, Universität Karlsruhe.

Common Sense for Drug Policy: Pain Management & Drug Control Policy
Collection of articles related to this issue.

Communism is the struggle of the poor against the rich, towards the goal of
society without poor and rich.

Floyd County Hesperian-Beacon Online
Floyd County's source of news since 1896.



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