Vending Machines by North American Vending Have New Chrome Security Sliding Cash Drawer

North American Vending Revolutionizes The Vending Machine Industry With The All-New Chrome Security Sliding Cash Drawer That Can Be Mounted On All 4 Sides And Serviced in Less than One Minute. Every Machine Has A Lifetime Guarantee. Vending Machines from North American Vending are the answer for those who are seeking a new Business Opportunity or Small Business, and for those who want to Earn Money while they Work at Home. Lifetime Guarantee on all Vending Machines.

Draper UT November 22, 2004 -- North American Vending revolutionizes the vending machine industry with the all new chrome security sliding cash drawer that can be mounted on all 4 sides and serviced in less than one minute. Every machine has a lifetime guarantee. Vending machines from North American Vending are the answer for those who are seeking a home business opportunity or small business opportunity, and for those who want to earn money while they work at home.

North American Vending, one of the largest manufacturers and sellers of vending machines in the United States, and the only manufacturer to offer a Lifetime Guarantee on every vending machine sold announced the availability, this week, of the all new, revolutionary, chrome security sliding cash drawer that can be mounted on all 4 sides, and serviced in less than one minute. This means the word vending has taken on an all new meaning because now it may take only 4 hours a month to collect your money from a route of 20 machines.

And these machines are 100% metal there are no moving plastic parts to break down on a weekly basis so whether you now own vending machines, or are seeking a new business opportunity, or want to start a small business, and work from home to make money, visit North American Vending at

North American Vending has researched and purchased almost every vending machine in the world today. They have put these machines out in the marketplace. Many of these machines broke down within days of putting them on location. The warehouse full of broken down machines is part of an ongoing research effort to bring only the finest available vending machines to market.

North American Vending shows these machines to customers that come to the corporate headquarters. They also show customers the other machines on the market - not just their own. By doing this, customers can make a good, sound, educated decision when it comes to their vending machine business.

"Many of our new customers have been interested in the vending industry for years," says CEO, Terry Bird, "and vending machines sales are at a record level because consumers are purchasing fresh candy, toys, and gumballs at record levels. Our machines can vend all three products," says Bird, "while many of the machines on the market today cannot."

"Yes, our machines are more expensive than plastic machines," stated Bird, "and we see it everyday because many of our new customers have already discovered the problems with plastic."

Plastic vending machines typically come with a 6-month or 1-year warranty. In most cases, the warranty comes from the seller not the manufacturer. North American Vending is the manufacturer and directly provides the lifetime guarantee on their vending machines.

You simply cannot earn money from a broken, plastic machine, and worse, you are likely to lose your vending locations because customers complain to the store about machines that do not work.

Vending, and vending machines are becoming more and more popular for people as a business opportunity, for those who want to start a small business, for those who want to start a business, for those who want a home-based business, and for those want to work at home and make money or earn money. In fact, says Terry, "My own daughter is in college today, she has a car payment, and she is paying her own way with just ten machines."

Contact Terry Bird e-mail protected from spam bots today or at 1-800-261-9001 or visit the North American Vending Website at to start your own home business, or to find your own business opportunity, or small business and begin working from home and earning money today.

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About North American Vending
North American Vending is a registered corporation in the State of Utah and is recognized as the world leader in quality vending machines that come with a written Lifetime Guarantee. North American Vending machines can vend Candy, Toys, Nuts, Capsules and 1 Gumballs. North American Vending's Coaching and Training Programs have helped thousands of people establish successful, home based businesses.

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