How Did a Former Youth Pastor Go from a Small Salary to a Six-Figure Income Using the Internet with Coastal Vacations?

Jeff Mills, former Youth Pastor, from Minnesota is on the move and drawing a following of people who want to do business with him. Jeff is promoting his Coastal Vacation Business Opportunity, and many are joining weekly.

Cottage Grove, MN July 16, 2004 -- "I do what I want, when I want, and I decide how much money I want to make each month," says Jeff Mills of Coastal Vacations.

Exactly how is this possible, particularly the part about deciding on how much money he'll make?

Jeff is in the business of marketing and selling wholesale and discount vacation packages. They have a $15,000-$25,000 retail value but sell for $1,295 or $3995 each. He makes $1,000-$3200 cash profit on each vacation package he sells. Making $1,000 with each sale is how he can control his income. He says it's possible to make $2,000 $3,000 a day in his business. His best day so far is $5,200.

Jeff is a former Youth Pastor with over 9 years experience in the ministry. He said that Youth Ministry was fantastic, but the pay for pastors these days just wont allow a person to ever get ahead of their bills.

Jeff was a well respected pastor within his denomination, but found working from home, and taking care of his family were his most important goals. He loves the fact that he can get up in the morning when he is done sleeping, and there is no annoying alarm clock buzzing in his or his wife La Raes ear at 6:00 am, like it is for most people working fulltime, dead-end jobs, who get two weeks off every year for "good behavior".

Homebased Business Opportunity was the Answer
Coastal Vacation Club

After several years spent researching different money making opportunities and home based businesses on the internet, and failing miserably in a few others along the way, Jeff stumbled upon Coastal Vacations. When he learned about the Coastal Vacation discount travel package, which is a combination of 5 cruises, 25 complimentary vacations and 20 member discount benefit cards valued at over $15,000, he looked into the company very closely before deciding to become a "director."

"Coastal has been around for over 9 years now as a business opportunity, but actually was started around 25 years ago with a different purpose, and they keep adding more and more vacations to the package, more value, but keep the price so low and affordable, any one can succeed, if they just work a little at it," said Jeff.

In order to become a director, Jeff had to purchase a travel package from another director. Next, he had to complete two training sales (sell two packages), with his director's help, and then he was qualified to be a director himself.

Since doing this, Jeff's business has exploded. He handles 10-15 calls and emails each day and returns countless information packages to those who are seriously interested in changing their lives.

We Don't Sell Anything, We Just give Information.

"Basically, we don't sell anything, it's transferring information. We don't have to do any cold calling, all of my clients call me. I am like a reference librarian, who tells people where to go to get information, and after they get it, they see the value and join with me, because they see my leadership and my vision and that is attractive to many people," said Jeff.

Usually after using about 1-4 exposures of the business tools that Coastral provides to its directors, Jeff gets a call from a client who wants what he has.

"Coastal provides some of the best business tools to get people information. It is awesome! I don't know of a system any better online than what we have with Coastal Vacations," says Jeff.

Some highlights of the vacation package include five complementary cruises with one of them being on Carnival and the other on Royal Caribbean, plus $2500 week stays at 2 bedroom condos in 5 star resorts can be snapped up for only $250-$700 per week using their condo card. Package One or Level 1 Membership has over a $15,000 retail value.

A Second highlight is that the premier package, which is the contents of level 1 and level 2 programs, combine in value to over $41,000 worth of vacations for only $3995. With the premier package, one gets UNLIMITED Complimentary Walt Disneyworld Vacations, UNLIMITED Complementary Cruises on Carnival, and can use the international discount travel card and stay at over 100 destinations all over the world and only pay the room tax of $6-$12 per night in luxurious spacious settings.

Coastal Vacation Seminars
Make Huge Income In 90 Minutes

Jeff really saw the potential for making money in this business, especially since he discovered that travel is a $4.4 trillion industry. Once he became a director, Jeff had the freedom to run his business however he chose, so he bought the rights to a unique marketing concept called "Coastal Vacation Seminars CD in a Box," designed to help people be more aggressive with home based travel package business, and sell 15-50 packages in one 90 minute business presentation. You can do the math. If Jeff sells 50 premier packages, which is not hard to do if you have 100-200 people in the room, that would mean Jeff walks away from the session with about $160,000 profit. What other business do you know of that can do that?

Jeff's goals are to travel across the U.S. doing the Coastal Vacation Seminars with his clients. The few who have gone before him and presented seminars, average anywhere from 50 to 100 sales a session, making $1,000 to $3200 CASH on EACH sale.

"I can show people how to get 30 to 50 sales on a shoestring budget," says Jeff. "Or I can show them how to do advertising with radio commercials and the big seminar promotions that put 100s of people in seats to attend a special internet marketing home based business seminar."

Jeff has been experiencing a tremendous amount of success doing this business and he will no doubt be one of the highest paid directors in the company. Jeff attributes that to the seminars and his marketing systems that are bringing in a ton of sales.

Would You Like To Attend A Vacation Seminar?

Soon, Jeff Mills and his successful team of vacation enthusiasts and entrepreneurs will be coming to Cottage Grove, MN, his home town to present a seminar, and then will launch local presentations all over the Twin Cities, and then the nation. You can find out more about that by submitting your name in the capture boxes on the site at

With all that money, Jeff has made sure to invest it. In fact, he invests most of it back into the business and also he did splurge on a few items and paid cash for them. One such purchase was a new pool that he was able to pay cash for.

"Now what I teach [people] is I was able to get that pool with 3 sales from just one weeks worth of work."

Jeff is in the process of having some renovations also in his home, which he intends on paying cash for.

Jeff said, I teach people to think this way: Ask yourself how many sales will it take, not how much money do I have to come up with."

Why I Work From Home with an 80 Second Commute

On a typical day, Jeff Mills makes the 80 second commute from his bedroom to his office. He lives a few minutes from the St. Croix and the Mississippi Rivers in a beautiful suburb in Cottage Grove, Minnesota.

He states that he works when he wants to so he has no set time for starting work and no set time to end. "Sometimes I work until 4 am, because I spend a lot of time on the Internet and my house is really quiet at that time and sometimes I work until 3 p.m. But for the most part I start work at 10 a.m."

That may seem like a lot of work, but Jeff has control over his day, plus he thinks it's a blast and he is having so much fun, playing golf when he wants too, or if he wants to be on the phone all day, by the pool with his wireless laptop, then that's what he does. If he'd rather spend time with his 2 year old daughter, Izabella or go out to lunch with his beautiful wife, LaRae, then that's what he does.

He approaches each day with the thought, "If you find a calling that you really like, you'll never have to work for anyone else ever again." Jeff has found a new calling and passion that he loves and has fun all day long with a business he says he can do just about anywhere, even while on vacation.

"All I need is a Laptop, my cell phone and a connection to the net, and I can make money! I would definitely recommend this business to people who would call themselves travel enthusiasts, and who would like to make money from home with Coastal Vacations Club! God certainly has been faithful and good to me by allowing me the joy to do what I love and love what I do."

Get More Information Immediately

VISIT Jeff's informative and exciting websites immediately for more information about how you can make money by showing information about wholesale discount travel packages. Or call 1 888-264-5744, and Jeff will get back in touch with you immediately.

In His Grip,
Jeffrey R. Mills
CEO & President
Goldmills Marketing LLC
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