Nitpickit (tm) Loads for Truckers and Shippers

Truckers can earn extra money while providing shippers a valuable service.

Buffalo, NY October 20, 2004 -- Elite Web Advertising, Inc. has announced free truck load listings for truckers and shippers in the Swap Trader at NItPickIt (tm) ( "With Wi-Fi networks now in book stores and coffee shops along side just about every waffle eating, corn dog biting truck stop on U.S. Interstates, payload listings are not only a good idea for NitPickIt (tm) but a perfect marriage," says Oliver Conover, Elite Web Advertising Inc. "

Drivers using lap-top computers returning empty trucks from drop off locations can check shipment status using the Swap Trader in just 4 clicks. This gives truck drivers the potential to earn extra income while helping the shipper move loads that were too late for dispatch or logistics. "There's also the added benefit in reducing overall fuel costs and consumption by driving back with full loads instead of partially full or empty," says Oliver Conover, Elite Web Advertising Inc.

Using the internet to find freight shipping information can be slow and tedious sometimes. With NitPickIt (tm), shippers adding truck load information to the Swap Trader will find the website easy to use. When posting actual information, form fields such as phone number, destination location and approximate size and weight are used. This gives insight into the actual characteristics of the payload, Therefore, truckers immediately know if it's something they can pick up.

Payloads are not the only tool recently added to the already mammoth NitPickIt (tm) directory and Swap Trader. Eight new categories covering each U.S. County include real estate, apartments, employment, antiques, furniture, auto parts, trucks and musical equipment. If that weren't enough, each webpage includes a "not always necessary but fun to use chitchat feature," says Oliver Conover Elite Web Advertising Inc. Each U.S. state has it's own oddly named chatroom. Names like Nevada Companion, Maine Frame and Missouri Ventury just to name a few, identify the NitPickit (tm) chatrooms. NItPickIt (tm) offers it's listings for free, the business directory portion of NitPickIt (tm) targets every city in the United States, while the Swap Trader portion is organized by U.S. county.

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