Work From Home Specials: Coastal Vacations Club and Jeff Mills, a Powerful Solution to End the Rat Race.

Coastal Vacation Club, the premier home based business opportunity, will show you how to earn $1000-$3200 cash per week, working with Jeff Mills as your certified Level two director. Working with Jeff, the seeker will have a true chance at success working in a business that has a reputation for value and consistency for almost 10 years.

Cottage Grove, MN October 18, 2004 -- Jeff Mills, former Youth Pastor of 9 years and current internet marketer is thrilled to be associated with Coastal Vacations and he is currently looking for people who have an affinity for travel, money and time freedom.

Jeff has built some incredible internet marketing systems, and is seeking out people who are looking to join coastal at either the premier or level one package.

Just check out his custom made order page, which Jeff built from scratch! How would you like an order page like this one?

There are qualifications for people who want to join with Jeff Mills and work on his team, as he does not just take any one in his business and is very selective.

First, you must be passionate about travel, vacations, and saving up to 75% off all your trips for life, while putting $1000's of dollars potentially, in your pocket each month.

Second, you must possess funds to get started. Jeff works with people on payment plans and on getting financing to get them in the business through leverage, so there is no money out of their pockets. If one has the funds to get started immediately, then Jeff will get you started with your package as soon as possible. He will take personal checks, money orders, Paypal, Bank Checks, and Visa or MasterCard.

Third, you must have time. It takes 8-15 hours minumum a week to do this business with any success. You must have time to get trained, to listen to special training audios which Jeff provides. You must have time to attend Jeff's weekly live training Q and A calls where you can get help from a live and real person, right on the spot.

Coastal Vacations has been featured in the media many times over the last 6 months in Home Business Connection Magazine, from Cutting Edge Media, and was even featured on the front cover in the August issue!

Recently, over September 24, Coastal Vacations Board of Directors held their twice annual training event and announced some very encouraging information about making their vacation offers even better.

Here is a summary of what is to come.

Coastal will be adding a Level 3 program which will include All Inlcusive Super Luxury Resorts some time in 2005. This package will allow our reps to earn commissions that almost exceed 5 figures when they sell this package!

Coastal has added a better hotel card which will bring access to savings on over 20,000 hotels.

Coastal has also added a special savings on Ramada Plaza Resorts, with a platinum getaways in over 14 locations in beautiful resorts, and one only pays the room tax.

Coastal Vacations also just improved their Rental Car Card, by adding more vendors than just Alamo, now you can save with 5 more vendors such as Avis, Hertz, Budget and more!

Would you like to join Jeff Mills's team?

Jeff Mills is running special offer, for anyone who joins Coastal Vacations by midnight. It is a limited time offer that won't be around for ever.

Anyone who joins Jeff Mills's team will receive a Coastal Marketing CD which contains over $20,000 in value of marketing tools, ads, classified ads, postcards, powerpoint presentaions, audio files with over 30 hours of training on how to run and grow the business, over 2 million leads of networkers and business opportunity seekers, which you can use to find prospects looking for joining new money making ventures.

This is a powerful incentive to get started immediately. You can read more about this cd at:

You can also learn how you can benefit from Jeff's "Who Is Page" System and Seminar, where he shows you how to get traffic and hits to your websites, that are modeled after Jeff's personal websites.

The reader is asked to review Jeff's site at to see what a "who Is Page" looks like.

Jeff's who is page is responsible for bringing Jeff hundreds of clients to do business with him each month. One can preview over two hours of content rich audio training about Jeff's "Who is Page Seminar" by seeking out:

Normally, this training seminar is sold for $297, but if you join Jeff Mills in Coastal Vacations, you will get Jeff's training for a cost of $ ZERO $ dollars.

Now you have a marketing arsenal, that no one else can offer you, which makes Jeff's package totally irresistable to the serious coastal vacation business opportunity seeker.

Remember, Coastal Vacations is not a job, it is a work from home opportunity, where you must buy your package first, and then with the careful, dedicated help from a proven coach and mentor like Jeff, get two training sales, which will allow you to resell the package as a director.

Jeff said, "I am looking for a special kind of person with the same values, charater and integrity, that I stand for. I wish to work with people who are coachable and trainable."

Again, Jeff Mills is looking for leaders who have time, interest, and money and want to work with a Level II qualified Coast Club director who has made over 40 sales in 4 months just starting out in Coastal Vacations.

Jeff also mentioned, "Life is an inside job and who you chose to work with, will make you or break you in this competitive internet marketing industry. It is all about WHO you know in this business and WHO knows you, so chose your mentors and coaches with care."

Please contact Jeff Mills with information provided below before midnight to receive the specials mentioned in this offer. It is imperative that leaders make immediate decisions to get started today.

Order your product immediately and get started with Jeff Mills, as he is the only director you will need.

Contact Information:
Jeffrey R. Mills
CEO & President
Goldmills Marketing LLC

651-769-2189 (home office)
612-518-2410 (mobile)
651-204-0236 (fax)
1-888-264-5744 (voicemail)

7393 Isleton Ave S
Cottage Grove, MN 55016

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