Beat the System -- Open Your Own Bank

People who own their own bank can loan money to themselves and avoid the high cost of doing business with traditional lending institutions.

Salinas, CA -- April 26, 2004 -- Gilbert Arevalos can help you open your own bank, lend money to yourself for any purpose, drive a new car every four years, and actually make money on the funds you lend to yourself.

Borrowing from a bank or finance company is going to cost you big money, said Arevalos, president of Wall Street Financial Consultants. Instead you can be your own bank, borrow money from yourself, and have it continue to grow while you use it. What a tremendous opportunity for the average guy to beat the banks at their own game.

Arevalos helps individuals to create their own bank, simply and quickly. Once you become your own bank you can lend yourself money for any purpose without an application, and without a credit check.

You can also pay the loan back on any terms you set, and while the money is loaned to you it will continue to grow.

It is really convenient to borrow from your own personal bank because you do not need to explain why you need the money, you do not need to wait for approval, and you do not even need to fill out an application, because youre the boss, said Arevalos.

The opportunity to own your own bank is not new, but very few financial advisors teach their clients about it. Why?

There is no financial incentive for agents or advisors to tell you about it, and without incentives or commissions they don't care about promoting it. There's nothing in it for them, explained Arevalos.

Your own personal bank gives you financial flexibility not available through other means. You can earn dividends on the funds in your personal bank, including on each loan payment. Unlike traditional loans, if you have a bad month, or even a bad year, you can stop making loan payments until you are ready to continue.

Your personal bank is fully insured and protected from loss, and if you should die your beneficiary will receive a predetermined death benefit, which could be paid tax free. Your personal bank is also sheltered from creditors, and you do not have to wait until you are 59 to have access to your money tax-free. You can even have a tax-free income for life without any government limits or penalties, and without taxing your Social Security.

Your personal bank will not be exposed to any market risk. Your money is guaranteed, regardless of how many thousands or millions you've accumulated.

Imagine the financial freedom and personal confidence you'll experience once you build and use your own personal bank instead of traditional lending systems, said Arevalos.

Consumers who are looking for a way to improve their net worth and financial status, as well as those who would like to leave the traditional world of financing may request a personal consultation with Arevalos at no cost or obligation.

Additional information is provided at, and Arevalos may be contacted toll-free at 1-888-855-2747.

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